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IOC rejects government’s move to disband Nock

By DAVID KWALIMWA September 17th, 2016 1 min read

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has refused to support the Government’s move to disband the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (Nock).

Instead, the IOC has, following a meeting between Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario and beleaguered Nock chairman Kipchoge Keino in Lausanne, agreed on a road map to implement reforms within the sports body.

These reforms will include a review and update of Nock’s constitution and the consequent plan to organize free and fair elections within three months.

Also, the IOC seems to support the ongoing Government investigations into the conduct of a number of NOCK officials during the Rio Olympics.

This report was contained in an official communique by the IOC’s Head of Institution Relations and Governance Jerome Poivey on Friday evening.


“The whole process (investigations, review of Nock’s constitution and elections) will be completed by the end of this year (i.e by 31 December 2016) and will be placed under the supervision of the IOC, in close coordination with the NOCK and the Ministry of Sports.” Poivey said.

This development technically implies that Wario’s decision to disband Nock has not been rubber stamped by IOC.

In disbanding Nock, Wario had claimed that he had been forced to send home Nock officials after they mismanaged Team Kenya’s affairs at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August.

Consequently, an interim committee of officials led by Kenya Volleyball Federation chairman Waithaka Kioni has been installed in a move widely seen to have the support of the Government. It remains to be seen, however, how the Kioni group will react to the IOC resolutions.