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Ipsos roasted by #KOT for obsession with Raila’s retirement

Kenyans on Twitter harshly reacted to Ipsos Synovate’s latest poll that Cord leader Raila Odinga should retire from politics.

Users accused the pollster of being biased and always undermining Mr Odinga’s ability to lead the country in its polls.

Ipsos stirred controversy on Tuesday when it published the findings of a survey in which respondents had been asked whether Cord leader Raila Odinga should contest in the next elections or retire from politics.

It was the 10th time since the 2013 General Election that the pollster was posing the questions. This time, as before, it drew fury from Mr Odinga’s supporters.

Kenyans online accused the pollster of being a gun for hire with the hashtag #WolfforHire trending.

American Dr Tom Wolf is the firm’s lead research analyst.