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Irene: Helping people find their purpose is my joy

A great life changing institution was borne out of Irene Mureithi’s decision to find purpose in life other than being a bank employee for over 10 years.

“I was bored with my job and felt like a fish out of water. I loved motivating people and public speaking so after I resigned from the bank, I made it my career,” said Irene.

People thought she had gone crazy when she quit but she didn’t regret the move. Her speaking career has proved more lucrative than the bank’s salary.

Since personal development is the foundation of professional development, she chose to go the personal development route because many people, according to her, only exist to build themselves professionally while neglecting personal development.


Her journey has not been without challenges such as thrice being denied a US visa and having a fiancé in the same country suddenly abandon her.

“I had dreams of visiting the US to learn so much, but I was denied a visa three times. It was a very low moment in my life. My fiancé had already paid dowry and so the road to our marriage was clear. It was devastating to have something like that happen to me,” she said.

In her book, Celebrate The Hard Times, she says that you should not underrate yourself if you have suffered rejection, and so she set out to build up herself and in the process, build others.

“The lesson in life is that you cannot judge how your life will turn out from one season’s experience. Your true essence will be measured at the end when all seasons are added up,” she said.


Her hard times became her turning points in her life. 

Having grown up in a poor family, Irene was determined to come out of her perception and decided to make a good life for herself, and she has been on the path of wealth creation.

Better destiny

“Frustrations are good because they push you to better destiny away from being an average person. The pressures created by challenges become the fuel that propels you to find your true purpose in life,” she advised.

It was out of all the challenges that she founded the Personal Development Institute to help people she had met struggling to clarify their lives purpose.

PDI teaches spiritual growth and development, leadership, career and business, financial literacy, health and fitness, fun and recreation and relationships.

She said at PDI, they believe every human being is royal and rich and they help people mine the gold that is trapped in them. One of its flagship programmes is the Transformed and Renewed Minds.