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Is Anerlisa Muigai, Ben Pol marriage headed for a divorce?

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has hinted her union with Tanzanian singer Bernard Paul Mnyang’anga alias Ben Pol might be over.

On Wednesday she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram story saying she does not want to be associated with anyone.

“I would like to make it clear that I signed whatever was needed to be signed and I do not wish to be associated with anyone. My focus right now is my career and peace,” she wrote.

Her message came weeks after it was rumored that her Tanzanian husband had filed for divorce.

A few days later she was spotted without her wedding ring.

She then scrapped off her husband’s name on her social media bio, and removed the title, ‘Wife to Ben Pol’.

A week ago, she also dropped Ben Pol’s official name “Mnyang’anga” from her social media platforms where she used to identify herself as “Anerlisa Muigai Mnyang’anga”.

The Keroche heiress adopted Ben Pol’s name back in January this year, months after their private wedding.

She has also unfollowed her husband on the platform.

Even though in the past theMuigai warned against speculation around her life unless she confirms it, her followers and fans cannot ignore the latest development surrounding her marriage.

Last month, the 33-year-old told would-be suitors to take a walk after they started flocking her dm (direct message) with marriage proposals, saying most relationships fail because others always want to replace another in a relationship.

She indicated that it was really disgusting to see people offering to “marry me yet you don’t even know me personally”.

“Reality is I am not looking for anybody and I am not free. And the 80 percent F**k boys in my DM, try to pull your socks and start working hard for your money.”

In March, she shared a cryptic message with her fans on social media hinting that she might be expecting her first child with her then-husband.

Through her Insta stories, Anerlisa shared a video of herself holding the bump and captioned it, “How I feel today.”

She had earlier shared a video while at the Nairobi Hospital and captioned it, “Not every time you go to the hospital is bad news, God is good is all I can say new hair”.

“Feeling blessed with my mum in NH,” she added.

She went on to share another video clip that highlighted all the pregnancy symptoms and stages, making clear her current status.

“Husband to dad, wife morning sickness, fatigue, boob tenderness, gas, stretch marks, weight gain, feet swelling, prenatal, no sleep, braxton hicks, cravings, water breaking, contractions, and labour.”

Earlier this year, she confirmed that she was ready to start a family with Pol.

In an interview with Mwanaspoti, Anerlisa said, “I would love to have three kids, and we have spoken to everyone we would love it like that.”

Ben Pol and Anerlisa got engaged in 2019 after dating for a while.