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Is Anerlisa Muigai dating her brother’s brother-in-law?

Is Keroche Breweries heiress and Chief Executive Officer of Nero Water Company, Anerlisa Muigai, dating her in-law?

This question arises following several Instagram stories she shared on April 7, 2023, where she posted photos from her sister-in-law’s black themed birthday party.

“@grilprimadonna, lovely theme. Black is my least favorite color but after this video, I am rethinking,” said Anerlisa in one of her posts.

She went on to share photos taken from the party as she named who was in the picture.

The first one was of her and the birthday girl, @girlprimadonna, looking stunning in black outfits at the birthday party.

The second one was of Anerlisa with her brother in which she captioned, “@girlprimadonna husband and my first born brother.”

In the third photo of her, her sister-in-law and her boyfriend, Anerlisa captioned it, “@girlprimadonna brother @m.e.l.v.i.n.i.b.r.a.h.i.m.”

In a final photo of the four of them, she captioned it, “family.”

Melvin Ibrahim, Girl Primadonna’s brother, is Anerlisa Muigai’s boyfriend.

The two got together after Anerlisa’s infamous divorce from Tanzanian superstar singer Ben Pol, born Bernard Michael Paul Mnyang’anga, in 2021, barely a year into their marriage.

Months later, she began hinting at a new boyfriend on her socials, kept him a secret in the wake of several high-profile disastrous relationships and later revealed who he was when the love became a bit too much to keep a lid on.

In a previous Instagram question and answer session, she revealed that Melvin won her over because, ‘You ask nothing from me and that makes it easier for you to concentrate on seeing the real me’.

She also revealed in another Instagram story how she had fallen in love with him all over again despite already being a couple for a while. This was after Melvin had kind words for a heartbroken stranger.

“After saying hi to us, she said ‘you guys are lucky, I just broke up with my boyfriend but it’s a matter of time before he will realize what he lost’. What Ibby said is what got me…’ Don’t wish for them to meet bad people to learn a lesson so you can find closure. The sad truth is they can find somebody better than you. The best thing is to focus on healing and wish them happiness and blessings” said Anerlisa Muigai on what her boyfriend said.

Anerlisa went on to reveal that since she and Ibrahim began dating, he has been enlightening her on general things in life and this was the one instance she felt moved to share his wise words with everyone.

In the African culture, it is somewhat of a taboo for one to date an in-law. This is because they are considered one family once the bride price is paid and the couple tie the knot. In African culture, Melvin and Anerlisa would call each other siblings, but we are living in interesting times.

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