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Is Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura dating TikTok Chef Kinte?

By Winnie Mabel February 16th, 2023 2 min read

In May 2022, Yvette Obura, the baby mama to former gospel musician Kevin Kioko alias Bahati, revealed that she was dating once again but would not show the face of the man in her life.

All she did was strategically take pictures of them holding hands in a hotel room and inside a car- and shared them on social media to the hearty congratulations of her followers.

Fast forward to February 2023, Yvette posted videos with a self-taught TikTok chef, Kinte, captioning her posts with hearts, therefore, intimating that this could be her better half.

In one of his TikTok videos, Kinte posted a video of him and Yvette dressed in sleeping clothes and in the kitchen eating fried chicken.

He had on a vest and pajama pants, while she had on a long sleeping shirt.

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He captioned the video, “Nothing can separate a mlunje (Luhya) from chicken in the kitchen 😋…” as Tanzanian superstar singer Rayvanny’s song Mwamba played- especially about the part about him bringing to his family their daughter-in-law.

The post was met with happiness as his followers congratulated him for bringing them their online in-laws, as some told him to make sure Yvette is happy because “she is a queen.”

“This queen🥰 we are happy when she is happy 🥰,” said Maryabbe.

“Mama Mueni,may God bless you mom and you family, No weapon formed against you 🙏🏻,” added Brian Sharoo1.

In another of his TikTok videos, Kinte posted adorable and charming photos of himself and Yvette’s daughter, Mueni, captioning the video with Victor Thompson’s This Year (Blessings) song.

“When babygirl is happy😊we as online aunties are happy 🥰😍,” said Eunice G in response to the video.

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On her part, Yvette also shared videos of her and Kinte in the kitchen and sprinkled hearts emoji in the caption section- intimating that they might be a couple.

“Cooking is therapeutic cc @kinte. ❤❤,”posted Yvette on her TikTok page.

Yvette Obura became a topic of discussion once again after Bahati’s wife, upcoming rapper and Instagram influencer Diana Marua, hinted yesterday that she and Yvette stopped being friends because she is bitter, ungrateful and full of spite.

This came as online in-laws warned Diana that being close with Yvette was a recipe for disaster because she and Bahati could find themselves giving Mueni a sibling.

It would therefore appear that Yvette will never look back at Bahati if she is indeed dating Kinte and thriving.

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