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Is Bensoul’s baby mama trying to poke at his girlfriend?

It remains unclear just how the relationship between singer Bensoul’s girlfriend Noni Gathoni, and his baby mama Tiffany Wanjiru is. Still, one thing is for sure. The two ladies are yet to have a cordial relationship.

A recent post by Bensoul’s baby mama hints at a jab being thrown at Gathoni as a means of poking her where it may hurt. Speculatively, the Wanjiru may still have a thing with her baby daddy, which she slyly hinted at in her post. 

Noni Gathoni and BenSol.
Noni Gathoni and BenSol. PHOTO| COURTESY

The mother of one admitted to still having the singer in her thoughts as she constantly reminisces the times they spent together before everything crumbled down.

“I would be lying if I said I never think about you. What we had, our love-hate relationship. Everything feels so ridiculously funny right now.

Considering how everything went downhill so freaking fast. I love the peace and harmony we now share.

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Life really has its ups and downs so never focus on the downs only because I never thought I would ever be this happy plus peaceful. It all feels like a dream but it’s really a huge miracle,” read Wanjiru’s post.

Netizens can’t help but wonder if the TikToker is aiming at her baby daddy’s girlfriend, owing to their severed relationship.  

Ever since Bensoul’s relationship with Tiffany became public in February 2022, after Edgar Obare revealed that the singer had sired a child with the lady, Gathoni has been keeping a low profile on matters to do with her relationship with Bensoul.

The singer confirmed the cheating allegation a few days later and revealed that he did cheat on Gathoni while on holiday in Mombasa.

“Yes this is true, a mistake I did on my part and my people know that I have been doing all I can to be there for the unborn child,” he explained.

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Following the public drama, Tiffany threw the first jab at Gathoni on July 28, 2022, after she posted a video on her TikTok alleging that Gathoni and Bensoul were unhappy in their relationship.

Although she did not mention the couple’s names, her caption implied that the “Nairobi” hitmaker and his girlfriend were going through a difficult patch but still struggling to show the public that all was well.

“When they have to work overtime to show the world they are in a happy relationship but you already know the full story from his friend,” she wrote.

As expected, her sentiments did not augur well with Gathoni, who later posted a video on the same platform telling Tiffany off for meddling in their relationship. She did not mention her name but lip-synched to a video that said, “Ukiona watu hawaachani basi wewe ndio unafaa kuachana na maisha yao. Mchawi wewe!”

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