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Is Comedian Flaqo taken?

Comedian Erastus Otieno aka Flaqo and singer Noti flow have stirred excitement among their followers on social media after the former shared pictures and videos of the two of them looking cozy as a couple.

Noti shared the images on her social media platforms with a cheeky comment saying, “Msiambie Mama Otis please.”

In addition to that what seems to add more fuel to the speculations is how Noti flow appears dressed down with no makeup on as one would be near someone they are used to hanging around with.

In one of the videos shared Flaqo can be heard complimenting Noti on her figure which she responds by kissing him on the cheek.

Noti flow has in the past had an on and off relationship with rapper Mustapha with the two calling it quits in 2019.

Mustapha during a radio interview said that one of the reasons he had to break up with her is because of how provocative she wears.

Him being Muslim he was always in trouble with his family whenever Noti flow came visiting him at his house.

Flaqo on the other hand has never made public his romantic relationships. In fact in a past interview with Nairobi News he confessed that dating was hard for him due to the fact that in his comedy stints he assumes the female role of Mama Otis.

This he says has always divided many on his sexual orientation.