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Is comedian Mulamwah and Carrol Sonnie clout chasing?

Comedian Mulamwah appears to have swiftly moved after he was dumped by his baby mama, even though social media investigators are convinced his actions are not adding up.

Mulamwah, born David Oyando, became a single man after his baby mama Carrol Sonniee announced on social media that the couple had amicably ended the relationship.

But not for long.

Mulamwah would soon post a photo that showed him holding another lady to which he captioned.

“To new beginnings. Rely upon the heart. Let the dust settle now.”

The break-up comes days after Sonnie and Mulamwah unfollowed each other on social media.

Kenyans on social media however believe the comedian and Carrol are chasing clout with media personalities sharing their voice on the matter.

“Haupangwingwi? Alaaa,” asked Milly Chebby.

“Kifuniko ya gas imefunguka ni kama,” wrote Daddiemarto.

“Akuku Danger liked this,” said Itsakukudanger.

“Bora mko team @mtuningombe. Congratulations mapenzi wote,” posted Henry Desagu.

This is the second time the two have publicly declared the end of the road in their relationship.

Late last year, Mulamwah announced the break-up saying it was resulted from unfulfilled expectations.

However, the break-up was short-lived as they reunited early this year.