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Is comedian Njugush set to be a father of twins?

Renowned comedian Njugush, real name Timothy Kimani, and his wife Celestine Ndinda might be expecting twins.

This was hinted at by their firstborn child Tugi in a video that was shared by the mother.

Tugi wondered why his mother had a big baby bump.

The mother also showed him two knitted baby socks and Tugi said one was for his brother while the second one was for his sister.

“Hii ni ya baby brother na hiyo ni ya sister. Kwani you have two babies in your tummy?” he asked.

The couple opened up on their pregnancy journey during their third season of the show Through Thick and Thin (TTNT) on April 22 when Celestine astonished the audience as her belly helplessly protruded through her chic red dress.

This came as a surprise to many as they had managed to hide the pregnancy, she was thankful to her close friends for keeping the news private until they were ready to share with the world.

“It was God’s timing, we really wanted it. My life went on normally, just that my fans and people who knew me did not blow it up and I thank them for minding their business,” she said.

Earlier on, Celestine disclosed that their son would tell every visitor that they were expecting another child.

“Tugi was very ready. When we were praying for food Tugi would say, ‘bless our food, put it in our tummy then our tummy grows it becomes bigger then we get a baby. Put a baby in my tummy,” she disclosed.

Their son Tugi, is also a content creator at his tender age. In 2020, Tugi was awarded the prestigious YouTube Creator Award popularly known as the Silver Plaque.

Through his channel Blessed Tugi, the young one shares and documents his childhood activities with the help of his parents.

So far, Tugi has 139,000 subscribers with 40 videos.