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Is controversy Anerlisa Muigai’s twin?

It’s either Anerlisa Muigai cannot stay away from controversy or controversy keeps stalking her life as a jealous lover would.

The sassy lady’s latest controversy was when she received unwelcome visitors in the frame of auctioneers on Wednesday, considered a rare sight as she is considered a woman of means.

Here are five controversies that she has in the past been to linked:

1. Auctioneers– On Wednesday, auctioneers stormed Anerlisa’s Nairobi home in an attempt to attach her property so as to recover a debt worth millions of shillings. Court papers in Nairobi News possession indicate the debt emanates from a court case in 2018, when Dennis Mwangeke Mombo, a director at lender Mwananchi Credit Limited filed a case seeking damages for defamation after she wrote not so pleasant things about him on social media.

2. Divorce – Anerlisa is remembered for walking out of her marriage barely a year after she walked into it. This is after Tanzanian musician Ben Pol filed for divorce while claiming she had deserted her marital responsibilites.

The Moyo Mashine hitmaker pointed out that her wife had insecurities adding the wedding shouldn’t have happened because there were so many red flags suggesting the marriage wouldn’t work.

“What I regret most is the many signals that kept popping up but I ignored them for a long time. If I had not, the marriage wouldn’t have happened. I believe we are all empowered to foresee our future going by our gut feelings or instincts.”

3. Another defamation case – Anerlisa was ordered by the high court to pay Sh2 million in compensation to businessman Ben Kangangi after defaming him in a social media post. “Given the evidence on record, it is this court’s view that it (the post) was indeed defamatory. The post directly referred to the plaintiff (Mr. Kangangi) and indicated that he was an unscrupulous businessman who conducted fraudulent businesses and could not be trusted,” ruled Justice Said Juma Chitembwe.

4. Flaunts a baby bump – In 2021, Anerlisa flaunted her growing baby bump and shared a video while at the Nairobi Hospital captioned, “Not every time you go to the hospital is bad news, God is good is all I can say new hair.” It turned out it was a hoax and she was not pregnant.

5. Refuses to pay loan – In 2018, Anerlisa explained the circumstances that led her to take a Sh19,911,773 loan from a shylock three years ago and why she did not intend to pay it back. She explained that she took the loan in order to help a male boyfriend, one Ben Kangangi, secure a government tender. Two weeks later, the shylock started demanding for the money because Anerlisa had promised to return the money within a week. Phone calls to Ben went unanswered.