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Is Diamond or Billnass the biological father of Hamisa Mobetto’s son?

The question remains: Is Diamond Platnumz or Billnass the true father of socialite Hamisa Mobetto’s son?

This ongoing Tanzanian showbiz speculation has often suggested that rapper Billnass might be the biological father of Dylan, Diamond’s child.

Six-year-old Dylan was born out of a fling Mobetto had with Diamond at a time the singer was in a serious relationship with Uganda-South Africa-based socialite Zari Hassan.

In recent weeks, on various social media platforms, for some reason, the rumour has been getting some fresh traction after Hamisa introduced her new boyfriend.

The situation seems to have forced both Mobetto and Billnass, aka Nenga, to address the matter in separate recent interviews.

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“To the best of my knowledge, majority of women wouldn’t fancy a scenario where they are said to have been in a relationship with a guy they never dated. Hamisa and I have never dated at any point. However, there was a time the two of us were very close and tight buddies but it was just that,” Nenga said in a recent radio interview.

Nenga said his friendship with the former Miss Tanzania contestants sprouted years back when police summoned both of them after getting involved in separate video scandals where they were unclothed.

“The kid is not mine because even by the time Hamisa and I became buddies, she already had her two children, and so to the best of my knowledge, Diamond is the boy’s father. This entire information has been misleading, and I wonder what the keyboard warriors stand to gain from it,” Nenga clarified.

Hamisa also touched on the matter in a separate interview with journalists mentioning that she had already discussed the matter with Billnass and believed that no further explanation was required.

“I don’t need to clarify anything on a matter that needs no clarification. I addressed this issue before. Naseeb (Diamond) is the father, and Nenga has also said as much, that’s all,” Mobetto stated.

Mobetto admits that persuading people who have already made up their minds on the issue would be exhausting.

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