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Is Diamond’s ex-girlfriend having a premonition of her death?

Some call it premonition while others term it as being ready to die any day. Tanzanian’s Diamond Platinumz ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu on Wednesday sparked an online debate after she captioned one of her Instagram photos with disturbing words.

The actress uploaded a photo of her self-signing what looked like a visitor’s book at a children’s home she had visited as part of her birthday celebrations.

Ms Sepetu captioned the photo, “Kumbuka kwamba kuna kifo… Iko siku utaitwa Marehemu (Remember that death is real… You’ll one day be dead)… Put that in your head… Im thinking my day is soon… Alhamdulillah for everything tho.”

Comments from her fans included well-wishers who prayed that she lives long due to what they termed as her kind heart.

Ms Sepetu who is also a former Miss Tanzania had last week celebrated her birthday in an elegant invite only affair that saw her launch her cosmetic line.


On sharing the exquisite party photos, Instagramers descended on the soft spoken actress with insults of how she blew millions at a party instead of donating to orphans.

Ms Sepetu took the cue and on Wednesday she visited a children’s home whose name she did not reveal.

On sharing the photos she was again met with the wrath of online critics who told her that once someone donates they do not announce it to the world.

One user shamsa_bakar commented, “Kwan ukitoa misaada lazima ujitangaze me sielewi.”

Ms Sepetu replied to her critics in a different post stating, “Afu nyinyi mnaosema mtu akitoa msaada hatangazi… Nyinyi mna matatizo jamani… You guys will be the death of me…. Hapo just juzi kuna ambao mlikuwa mnasema ooooh kafanya bday party KUBWA badala angewakumbuka watoto yatima… Leo mnaongea Hivyo… Y’all are nothing but HATERS… Haya sasa nimetangaza kuna Tatizo… Keep hating… Mmenichosha sasa… Kha….!!!”