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Is DJ Bonez Kamene Goro’s mystery lover?

Kamene Goro has left her fans in dire speculation amid romantic links to renowned disk jockey DJ Bonez.

Word on the street is that the presenter has been seeing the deejay for quite some time now even as she kept her moves under wraps.

Just a week ago, Kamene excited her fans with snippets of the new person in her life and giving teaser details of the new relationship.

In a series of posts during her weekend getaway on July 3, the radio queen confirmed to her followers that she is enjoying the relationship, where she responded to a curious fan on her page saying, “It’s working out well. I’m very happy.”

Indicating how serious the relationship is, Kamene and her bae traded ‘I love yous’ online even as the Kiss FM presenter is yet to officially reveal her partner’s identity.

Earlier this year, the vocal radio personality revealed she was off the market and flaunted a diamond gem on her finger that symbolized that she was seeing someone.

“I’m dating, this is my engagement ring. I don’t know why people think I’m still single yet I have been dating since January! Men, please stop disturbing now,” she said.

The presenter, during an interview with comedian Jalang’o aka Felix Odiwuor, disclosed the ring did not necessarily mean she was getting married but rather symbolized being off market, adding she has been happy with the mystery man.

Kamene hooked up with the mystery man over a year ago, four years after she divorced a Tanzanian businessman.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, the breakfast show host said that she is being loved right.

“This relationship has shown me what good love is. A lot of guys are out there being loved the wrong way. He just loved me for free,”

She also talked about having kids saying that she is not sure about having them because it takes a long period to carry a pregnancy.

“For a woman, once you have a baby everything changes, every move you make, everything you do is about that child. I have full liberty over my life. I want to wake up and say, I want to go to Zanzibar,” she said