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Is former Inooro FM presenter Njomo Wa Nyathira battling depression again?

It appears former Inooro FM presenter Njomo Wa Nyathira is yet to beat depression. This is after he published a post on social media indicating he is not at peace.

“Depression??? Lord give me peace of mind,” wrote Nyathira on October 3, 2022.

In response, his followers encouraged and expressed their support for him.

“Brother, God is with you and He will never forsake you. Take it easy brother. Its gonna be well,” wrote Referee Mwenyewe.

“Whatever it is bro, I pray you may gather strength. Dust yourself and emerge victorious,” Boniface Kagumba said.

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“In as much as we wish him all to be well, those who know where he stays or have his number, act now. Don’t just wish him well. That language is not understood by a person fighting depression please,” Cinta Sam commented.

“Just pray for my brother guys. Too bad amezima simu and he is not yet home, so just pray for him wherever he is aakuwe tu sawa,” said Eve Gitema.

“Njomo wa Nyathira, you can’t make us laugh so much that our heartbreaks are cured then we abandon you. No, we can’t do that. Am one of your great fans. Just know that I care and wishing you all the best,” said Mwende Unity Macharia.

The corporate emcee, script writer, comedian and content creator was recently quoted in media saying he experienced depression especially after losing his job occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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In that interview, Nyathira said he left Inooro after a three month unpaid stint as a presenter and began hawking porridge to make ends meet. The media station failed to give him a contract as promised.

“Just when I was to be given the contract the next week, the pandemic hit and the President said people had to work from home. Inooro failed to give me the contract and I was forced to relocate to the village where I set up a porridge shop. As a man, you cannot keep complaining that you cannot provide or make money,” said Nyathira.

“Accepting my situation played a great role in helping me get out of depression. It is not easy but accepting that you are no longer where you were before helps. People will talk but in the end, life continues,” he added.

Thankfully, his family his family stood with him and he escaped alcoholism.

Over 300 journalists lost their employment at the height of the pandemic and in the ensuing months.

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