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Is he still lying? Maxwell Mwamburi insists he’s dating a married Kenyan politician

In 2022, after gaining internet fame for falling out with his former best friend, socialite Vera Sidika, Maxwell Mwamburi began bragging about dating a senior government official in Kenya who is married to a wife.

Calling him Zaddy, Mwamburi, a member of the queer community who identifies as female and goes by the name Maxine Mkamburi, said they had been dating for 7 years, and his boyfriend had been spending money on him, taking him to the best places for dates, including Villa Rosa Kempinski where they allegedly had their first date, and even buying him expensive things.

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In September 2023, Mwamburi said he and his boyfriend were about to tie the knot and even recorded videos of him dressed up as a woman.

“As you can see, it takes a whole village to glam me up… Look at me. All this for Zaddy. I’m just practicing for like the big day when I’m walking down the aisle with Zaddy. Oh my God, look at this (dress), the hair,” said Mwamburi, who wore a pink gown and massive jewellery.

He even threatened to expose Zaddy to the public but quickly backtracked on the hot-button issue. In November 2023, he claimed to have lied about dating anyone, especially someone he called Zaddy.

“Let me clear the air once and for all, there was no Zaddy in the first place, it was all showbiz. I guess I had been around people who were in showbiz so much that I had stolen their tactics. I’ve never had anyone look after me! All my life I’ve worked very hard for everything I have. I think you all knew that, which is why you didn’t buy the whole Zaddy facade BS. Zaddy was just power. I have never depended on any man or woman for anything, I’m a hustler,” said Mwamburi.

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Fast forward to Wednesday, 10 May 2023, and Mwamburi repeated the same claims that he had been dating Zaddy for 7 years and that his wife knew about this part of his life and accepted that they were in a queer relationship.

He repeated this dating scenario when he spoke about the dire consequences that secret lovers face when they date legally married people and then have another marriage and wedding together behind the back of the GOAT’s wife.

“I’m a gay politician’s side chick and his wife knows! And we have been doing this secretly for the last 7 years… even though he is in government and is so homophobic. That’s what they get paid for, so I don’t judge him,” Mwamburi said in part.

He continued, “I am still loved by my Zaddy, who is well-connected to the most powerful and majestic politicians and celebrities.

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