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Is Huddah’s ‘sponsor’ a catfish? Be the judge

We all had thought that the identity of Huddah Monroe’s “sponsor” had finally been revealed putting to rest speculation that she could be engaging in prostitution. Then something weird happened on Friday afternoon.

With the “sponsor” revealed as Self Made Millionaire (@ApocalypseBella) on Instagram, it was only expected that we would keep refreshing his page.

Then boom! the so-called sponsor, ‘posted’ a photo of the socialite with an affectionate message with a promise: “I’m trying to see how deep you are and believe me shorty I ain’t talking about no intimate conversational wanna see if I can make you reach things unobtainable when I peek into your nature.”

In another picture, he wrote: “She talk dirty but her mouth clean B**** I’m MC Hammer I’m about cream.”

A photo of Huddah Munroe that was posted on Apocalypse Bella’s Instagram page

Within minutes, both pictures were gone from his IG page –then they almost simultaneously appeared on Huddah’s IG page but with different captions.

Huddah intentionally gave away the man’s identity recently when she posted teasers without showing his face but made it look like a mistake when she posted a photo that showed his face alongside hers clad in just a bikini.

From our investigations, it’s not clear if @ApocalypseBella is Congolese or Ugandan. But one thing is clear, he is a baller, living life on the fast lane –at least on Instagram.

Other than being in Dubai, the US and South Africa living large, he spends a lot of time in Kampala, Uganda and DR Congo’s capital Kinshasa. In fact, before heading to the US recently, he spent quite some quality time with Huddah two weeks ago in Entebbe, Uganda, cruising on Lake Victoria and spending lots of cash in expensive nightclubs and hotels.

But is the alleged sponsor a catfish to get the pressure off the socialite’s back or is he legitimate? Well, the jury is still out.