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Is it possible to find soulmate in Nairobi’s situationships? Nairobians have their say

The city of Nairobi has often been referred as a one big bedroom where it is hard to differentiate relationships and situationships.

But despite all this, there are still those who have not given up the notion of romantic love and a happily-ever-after with one partner.

And now one member of a closed Facebook group has left the other participants in a hilarious debate after stating that he would never date a woman who is involved in multiple relationships while still with him.

“Once I realize am sharing you am done, I need a soulmate not a hotspot,” the member said.

Other members had a lot to say about his statement with a majority advising him to forget about soulmates if he is living in Nairobi.

“Soul mate are not born yet. I can see you are on the waiting list,” someone said.

“Masaa ni machache but sharing is caring though,” another user wrote.

“All the best… Hope you’re not in Nairobi ju hiyo ni vision 2030,” yet another one commented.

“Utakua done na wangapi dear, juu hiyo ndio form sikuizi? Wee nawe share adi ajipate akicheat na wewe alaaah,” yet another member said.

“Sisi hotspot ndio tuko period,” someone else commented.

“And maturity is when you accept no man dates one woman… And no woman dates one man,” another user advised.