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Is Jimal regretting beefing with Amira amid domestic violence accusations?

After giving explosive exclusive interviews to Nairobi News regarding his scandalized break p with ex-wife, Amira, it now appears Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi could be regretting beefing with her online.

It all began when Amira participated in an Instagram question and answer session with her followers where she revealed that Jimal had been an abusive partner who often beat her up – sometimes in front of their children and his parents

Amira also claimed that on one occasion, Jimal beat her until she had a miscarriage. She said there are witnesses who can confirm her claims.

She also said she regrets having Jimal as the father of her children and that it took her longer to divorce him, opting to stay with him for the sake of her sons. She also accused him of taking all her belongings and refusing to hand them back.

“I love my kids to death and if I had a choice to go back in time and make the right decisions, I wouldn’t have picked him as their father, unfortunately,” Amira said.

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In an equally explosive response, Jimal branded Amira a bitter woman, claiming he is one who served the divorce papers via WhatsApp. He also claimed the now famous Instagram “apology” to Amira was actually written by Amira and not him.

“The apology message in my Instagram page was not me who wrote it (sic). It was her who wrote it and sent it to me before sharing it in my social media. I gave her my phone. She told me since I had embarrassed her publicly, she also wanted me to apologize in public. It was not me who wrote that apology. She had promised to forgive me if I agree to post it,” Jimal said.

He also accused Amira of being bitter because he stopped sending her money for child support, saying that since they each lived with their boys at some point, there was no need to send her money; and if she was unable to take care of them, she should hand over the children back to him. He also denied ever laying hands on Amira and wondered why he had never been reported to the police and arrested for domestic violence.

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However, after all this shocking online exchange of words, it seems Jimal could be re-thinking and regretting how he responded to Amira. This could be deduced from an Instagram story he posted which was a picture of him at a studio, posing in a manner that made him appear as if he was reflecting on life. He added Kenyan musician Bien Aime’s song, Inauma (It hurts) to the post and selected a part of the song that revealed what he was thinking at the time of posting the photo.

Mitandaoni ikaleta fitina, Ukawa huambiliki. Nami kichwa changu na kikavimba, Nikawasisemezeki…!Inauma inauma lakini nitazoea, Inauma inauma lakini nitazoea. Hali ya mwanaume duniani nikuzoea (The internet brought drama between us, you couldn’t be told anything and I became big-headed. I couldn’t be told anything. It hurts but I will get used to it. Men are conditioned to live with things in this world).”

Amira was especially humiliated online, the avenue where Jimal and his mistresses posted photos of themselves enjoying the soft life. It was also online where Amira was subjected to insults and shade by Amber Ray, public ridicule and sympathy for her lot in life as well.

These acts, according to Amira, were what drove her to walk out on the marriage after much suffering for the two years that they married.

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