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Is Keroche Breweries licensed to manufacture beer?

Keroche Breweries has yet to secure an excise tax licence and could have its products pulled from the market.

The Naivasha – based brewer was not included in a list of licensed excise manufacturers of alcohol and alcoholic beverages announced by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on Monday.

Keroche Breweries manufactures beers and spirits, both of which are excisable

The firm has previously said that it has a court order barring KRA from interfering with its operations.

The brewer’s omission from the list stems from a Sh1 billion excise duty claim by KRA but which has been contested in court.

Bars and entertainment joints are likely to take Keroche’s products of off their shelves to avoid falling foul of the taxman.

“Take note that it is an offence under Section 185 (1) (d) (iii) to be in possession, purchase or consume…goods manufactured or sold by unlicensed persons,” KRA said in its advertisement on Monday.