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Is Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai moving in with her new man?

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai could be moving in with her new man weeks after she left Nairobi for Naivasha.

While showcasing fabrics she was choosing for her new home, Anerlisa said, “Choosing fabrics for my new house.”

Adding that she had already sold out all her furniture before moving with her mother, Anerlisa added, “I am helping my new ❤️to furnish his new house. Sorry I cannot also recommend him anything as he brought me, my people, to work with.”

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai shares photos of the ongoing renovation at her new home

In May, Anerlisa refuted claims that she was forced out of her home by auctioneers. Insisting that the move was nothing to do with auctioneers, Anerlisa said, “No Auctioneers took anything of mine and my move is nothing to do with anyone but myself. I just need to make that clear. #Donexplaininganything #Doingme.”

Speculations began when she shared videos on social media showing her moving out of her posh home in Lavington, a Nairobi suburb.

Anerlisa even shared videos of her empty parking lot, revealing that she had sold her Range Rover Velar acquired in 2019.

“I cannot believe I have to move out of my Nairobi home. I will surely miss you. #Situations.” She then said.

She later took to her social media to post, “Some [people] asked me why I decided to move to and live in Nakuru but the truth is, Nakuru is peaceful.”

Adding, “Peace is the new me.”

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In May, there were reports that auctioneers had stormed her home and carted away property in a bid to recover unpaid debt. Samuel Mutisya of Samumu auctioneers was tasked with the role of executing the court order dated April 20, 2022.

They were not successful as they were blocked from accessing her residence by security.

The auction was tied to a 2018 court case in which lender Mwananchi Credit and one of its directors Dennis Mwangeka Mombo took on Muigai seeking damages for defamation.

They were aggrieved by social media posts put up by Anerlisa in which she alleged that Mombo sought to use the company to defraud her.

The court found her statements extremely defamatory and awarded Mombo general damages amounting to Sh2.5 million.

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