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Is King Kaka’s latest video too graphic for YouTube?

Rapper King Kaka has set tongues wagging after one of his music videos was deleted from YouTube for allegedly violating the platform’s guidelines.

The rappers latest video “Dundaing” features other artistes including Kristoff and Magix Enga.

It features the rappers surrounded by women who wore minimum clothes. One wore booty shorts with a bra, while another  danced to the song wearing a bikini.

A day after the video was released, King Kaka took to social media to vent how he had been told (he does not mention by who) that he has been given two hours to pull down the video due to scenes that violate YouTube’s guidelines.


“Anyway hii Kenya yetu inanichekeshanga sana, so I have been told niko na two hours to take down the video of Dundaing, so mimi najiuliza video iko na shida gani. Si munajuwa ni kina nani wameniambia nitoe. Anyway ata kazi inaendelea mimi na drop album November 30th let’s see hizo two hours kama sitakuwa nimetowa nini itafanyika.

“Mimi naona video iko sawa I mean I have seen worse videos huku, kuna scenes ambazo wanasema zina violate community guidelines anyway keep watching dundaing for the next two hours maze tutakuwa tumetolewa kwa internet,” he posted.

A link of the video on YouTube indicates that the video has been deleted with no explanation given.

This has raised question marks since YouTube ordinarily give reasons why a video has been deleted.

Nairobi News contacted King Kaka to get more information but he had not responded by the time of publication.