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Is Lillian Muli crushing on comedian Oga Obinna?

By Naira Habib January 24th, 2020 1 min read

Is Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli in love?

This is the question many of her fans are asking after she revealed the man she is currently crushing on in a response to a question asked by Nation FM evening show host Antoneosoul.

The mother of two said that she loved Oga Obinna and even dared the comedian to ask her out on a date to get an explanation on why she is digging him.

Is this a real crush or are they pulling our legs? Time will tell.

Muli’s declaration comes as a surprise to many especially after she publicly came out last year to state that she is back together with her ‘community husband’ Jared Nevaton.

Nevaton is the father of her second child.

The two have been in an on and off relationship that once resulted in a nasty public break up when the TV queen accused her baby daddy of sleeping around and branded him a ‘community husband.’

However, they later kissed and made up.

Prior to Nevaton, Lillian Muli was married to Moses Kanene for seven years. They have a son, Josh, whom they continue to co-parent.

Comedian Obinna on the other hand is married with four children.