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Is Odibets a silver lining for the Kenyan betting industry?

Odibets is one of the most popular betting sites in Kenya. From their slogan, ’betextraordinary’, you can surely tell they are something unique. They are a notch higher than a number of betting sites in that, they truly deliver what they promise. But are they Kenya’s fastest rising betting hope?

Odibets as a brand has really grown tremendously. Their website is the 5th most visited website in Kenya just behind Betika according to Although the company halted its sponsorship of Mathare United in the Kenya premier league a little while ago, the slew of bet winners coming from their site proves they’re stable and can pay.

It is also keeps the youths’ sports needs at heart, whether through offering better betting odds or sponsoring local tournaments and kitting over 35,000 youths in the country.

What are the features on Odibets?

Odibets has come a long way in improving the betting world for the sports enthusiasts, mostly the youths. It has an interesting of catching the eye of any keen betting person who needs more value for their money that other sites lack. It comes with a number of features which makes them stand out. These include the following:

Numerous betting markets

Odibets is an all round betting site that includes a number of betting techniques such as the live bets on a variety of sports such as tennis, football, American football, boxing, rugby, handball, basketball, ice hockey, cricket and so on. You have something to choose from depending on what interests you more in the sporting world and where most of your sports knowledge lies. On a daily basis, they offer over 600 sports events all over the world for betting.

However, it may not have included all the crucial parts of the most experienced betting sites in their menu, in the near future, the most experienced and gurus in the betting field will not have something to complain about.

Free first deposit of the day

This feature is more favorable for new and existing customers of Odibets. For amount from kshs 49 and above, you got to enjoy free deposits. On normal deposits, there is a transaction fee included depending on the amount you are sending. For example, depositing 100 shillings requires a 5 KES charge. Odibets makes it possible for you to deposit the 100 shillings into your account for free. This is how it works; say you are depositing 100 shillings, your account will not read 95 shillings rather 100.odibets refunds the deposit fee into your Odibets account making it a free deposit.

Free bet for new customers

For a new customer on Odibets, you are welcomed with a free bet worth kshs.30. Isn’t that great? You can access your free bet through selecting Home team win (1) or draw(X) or away team win (2) from the free games bet of that day. You can then include your phone number and choose your account password at least 6 or more characters and submit free bet. Using that simple procedure, you can create your Odibets account and place your free bet. It’s a great feeling having you on the odi family.

Win Boost

Witholding tax spelt doom for the betting industry, shutting off a number of players in the process. Instead of gamblers shelving all the cost, Odibets has a program that rewards customers with a 10% boost of their winnings. It’s available for all Odibets customers. What are you waiting for?
Live betting and virtual games

You can easily access the live betting on the homepage on Odibets. Placing bets while the games are ongoing has never been easy. You will easily place virtual bets on their websites at no additional fee.

It is truly Kenyan is totally a Kenyan owned website owned by Kareco Holdings Limited. It is licensed and registered by the BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board) under the betting, gaming and Lotteries act. It is an authentic site worth trying. Enjoy your betting.

How to Deposit on odibets

Odibets gives you an easier task for depositing money into your account. You can either do it in two ways. Fist, you can access the deposit option on the page , enter amount to deposit and you will receive a pop up message from Mpesa confirming the amount you are sending to Odibets or go to the Mpesa menu, select pay bill, enter business number 290680,enter ODI as the account number, the amount, your Mpesa pin and ok. You will then receive a confirmation message.

How to Withdraw winnings on Odibets

Odibets allows you withdraw funds through Mpesa. Not exceeding kshs 20,000 per transaction.

Why you must join Odibets

Odibets has in the recent months trended for being worth your coin on their betting sites. With a large number of options to choose from their sports gallery, there is more to it to make you bet with Odibets. These include:

● Easy to use website
When using Odibets, you do not have to deplete all your bundles to access their page. It only requires a simple log in process and you are good to go. Its website is also a professional one and you can trust them. You can also bet on any mobile phone in a simple way or send ODI to SMS code 29680 to register and place a bet.

● Boosted odds
On all their games, they offer boosted odds to help increase the amount you win. It is known for its boosted odds in the betting industry in Kenya.

● Fast customer care response
Odibets ensues they answer their customers questions clearly and solve their issues on their Facebook page faster. You can also be entertained in the comment section on their page.

● Fast deposits
In most of the betting sites, you need to have the pay bill number to make deposits. Odibets has made it easier for you as you only need to select deposit on the homepage and continue with the deposit process.

● Game cancellation/delete option

● Minimum betting amount of Sh1


As much as you can enjoy more on Odibets, there are a number of crucial features which makes it challenging to access it full services. These include:

● Use of Mpesa only on deposits. it does not have the option of other money transfers such as airtel money or banks to deposit or withdraw funds

● They do not have an app but their website is adaptive to all devices used by Kenyans.
Overall, Odibets is among the best betting sites having taken the Kenyan market by storm. You can easily sign up on Odibets by visiting