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Is Samidoh serving revenge on wife?

Even William Shakespeare would have had difficulty writing one of his famous love fiction stories with the Mugithii star Samidoh at the heart of it.

For the last two years or so, Samidoh’s love triangle has always grabbed the state’s attention and continues to do so even when he doesn’t wish to.

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His wife of 13 years, Edday Nderitu and mother of their three children, has already made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the Mugithii singer who keeps humiliating her.

Edday made the sentiments after Samidoh was spotted, severally making public appearances with his baby mama, senator Karen Nyamu.

A section of his fans now believes that the singer’s open display of his affair with the youthful politician Nyamu could serve some hot revenge on Edday Nderitu.

Last week while attending a funeral in Nakuru of his nephew, Jeff Mwathi, Samidoh was accompanied by Nyamu. When he rose to speak, he seized the chance to introduce the politician to the gathering, asking her to say a word.

Samidoh’s close relatives attended the event.

This happened just a fortnight after the ‘couple’ hit the headlines again with pictures of them enjoying each other’s company during deputy president Rigathi Gachagua’s sister-in-law’s burial went viral.

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Edday was prompted to write a lengthy post indicating that she was done with her marriage due to enduring public humiliation for a prolonged period.

But with an undated clip now emerging online, social media in-laws feel Samidoh is only giving Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

In the video, he speaks of how he was heartbroken by his first love, who happens to be his wife, after she cheated on him.

Nonetheless, he forgave her, and they got back.

“Funniest thing is I don’t have an ex-girlfriend. I married my first love. The same lady who cheated on me is the same one I built a family with,” Samidoh narrates in the video.

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Samidoh’s love triangle has been stealing headlines for two years.

When Nyamu first revealed last year that she had been having an affair with the singer, resulting in her conceiving her second child, Samidoh was forced to publicly apologize to his wife and fans.

The revelation shocked the showbiz industry, and Samidoh had to cut off links with Nyamu. It wasn’t long before the two got back and had a second child.

Then came the drama last December when Samidoh was caught up in an ugly situation during a concert in Dubai where he performed and was accompanied his wife.

Nyamu was also present, and the two women almost exchanged blows as they fought for Samidoh’s attention.

So, is the Mugithii crooner dishing out cold hard revenge? Or nah?

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