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Is this posh machine Susan Kihika’s official county ride?

Nakuru County Governor Susan Kihika is the talk of the town after she stunned Kenyans during her inauguration ceremony after photos of her official car went viral on social media.

During her swearing-in ceremony on Thursday, the newly elected Nakuru county boss was chauffeured in a Land Rover Defender which the county number plates also displayed a county flag and emblem.

Her predecessor, Lee Kinyanjui, who skipped the ceremony at Nakuru ASK showground used to use a Toyota Prado.

The state-of-art British-manufactured vehicle was used to ferry the newly sworn-in governor, to the stadium and later to her new offices where she conducted an inspection tour of the facility in the company of her family and campaign staff.

The vehicle retails between Ksh15 million and Ksh20 million.

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Last week, the county’s Assumption of Office of Governor Committee, presented their budget for everything before governors took over the office.

Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang’o was forced to flag several ‘unimaginable’ requisitions made by counties for the Governor’s inauguration ceremonies.

According to the Controller of Budget, she directed the said counties to revise their budgets to reasonable amounts to avoid a waste of public funds.

In some of the requisitions made to the Controller of Budget, some devolved units were seeking as much as Sh22 million for an event that is expected to run for a maximum of four hours.

“There is a county that asked for only Sh250,000, that is, Kirinyaga. Then others asked for just about Ksh1 million. Those we have approved,” she said.

“However, there are others that I have asked to go back and rationalise their budgets because they are a bit high. How can a county ask for over Sh20 million for such an event?”

Section 12 (2) of the Assumption of the Office of Governor Act 2019 stipulates that the oath or affirmation shall be administered not earlier than 10 am and not later than 2 pm.

“The swearing-in of the county governor-elect shall be conducted in a public ceremony before a High Court judge,” the Act states.

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According to the act, each county has an Assumption of the Office of Governor Committee that comprises 13 members.

Members of this committee include the respective County Commissioner, a representative of the National Police Service, a National Intelligence Service representative, and the County Secretary.

Forty-five governors and their deputies on Thursday took the oath of office after being elected in the August 9 General Election.

During their campaigns, the incoming governors promised to arrest the wastages that denied the residents services.

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