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Is this the beginning of the end of Diamond and Tanasha’s love affair?

It seems a storm is brewing in paradise between lovebirds Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna, if a telling post by Bongo singer Rayvanny is anything to go by.

In a cheeky post on Instagram Rayvanny has thanked East Africa for Diamond’s children and even gone to the extent of asking his fans to recommend from which country should Diamond’s next girlfriend come from.

“Asanteni kwa watoto, Tumemalizana na East Africa. Je mnataka Simba Asongee nchi gani tena,” posted Rayvanny.


He later deleted the post.

Diamond has two children with Ugandan-born businesswoman Zari Hassan. He also has a son with Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobetto, and recently welcomed his fourth child with Kenyan singer Tanasha.

According to media reports Tanasha left Tanzania with her son Naseeb Junior after Diamond allegedly cheated on her.

In a lengthy post, Tanasha also gave hints that all isn’t well as she bashed men who abuse women emotionally through their cruel acts.


She referred to them as ‘narcissists’ who like provoking negative emotions in others.

“Narcissists like to ‘provoke’ negative emotions in others, in order to get a reaction. This is often accomplished by saying something rude, insensitive or doing something cruel. They then shame those emotions by claiming you are crazy, saying you overreact, calling you a drama queen, or trying to make you feel your emotions are all wrong. That makes you doubt yourself which affects your self-esteem and self-worth. Don’t allow a narc to control you or tell you how to feel. This is a form of manipulation and emotional abuse,” she wrote.


Diamond and Tanasha started dating in December 2018 a few months after the Kwangwaru singer parted ways with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

Neither Diamond nor Tanasha has come out to confirm or deny the rumours.