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Is this the most honest Kenyan family? Be the judge

In a rare act of honesty, a family in Uasin Gishu is looking for a man who bought a prime piece of land from them in 2000 and disappeared.

The family of John Tirop Yego, now deceased, sold half an acre piece of land located near Loreto Convent Girls in Matunda to a Mr Joshua Munyasa Shohoso eighteen years ago.

The sale agreement was between Yego and Shohoso and was entered in January 2000.

However, six months after the transaction, Mr Yego died.

Soon after, the family also realised that Mr Shohoso had not occupied the piece of land after building a temporary structure.


According to Mr Yego’s son, Sila, they found that the piece belonged to Shohoso in the agreement they retrieved from their father’s documents.

Sila said that they later realized the man was his father’s friend and that they worked together in a tea estate in Kaimosi in the late 1990s.

He, however, did not know where he came from although they suspect he could have come from Kaimosi in the neighbouring Vihiga County.

He said initially they thought he would come and live on it after building a temporary house.

They recently decided to look for him and have sought the assistance of the area chief.

“The above name(d) person bought a parcel of land from us in Ndabarnach area next to Loreto Convent Matunda in January 2000. We have been unable to trace him or his relatives since then,” the family said in a letter to Matunda Location Chief Barnaba Tireito.


He said they were aware of fraudsters who might want to grab it saying they decided to involve the administration to ensure the rightful owner or his next of kin occupies the piece.

“We just want him to come claim his parcel of land. If he is not alive then his family or next of kin,” Mr Yego told the Nation on Tuesday.

He said they have a sale agreement clearly indicating that the transaction was completed and that Mr Shohoso is the rightful owner.

“We have tried our best to look for him but we have not been successful,” he said.

Mr Sila said he lives far away in Nandi County and that the piece of land was part of his father’s properties.