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Is this the new ‘Mr Moneybags’ of Kenyan politics?

Remember Ssemi Aina? The man who back in 2013 attempted a hostile take over of AFC Leopards?

Well, Aina is back in the limelight.

This time not in the murky landscape of Kenyan football, but as probably the latter day Mr Moneybags of Kenyan politics.

Aina, who has announced he will be seeking to succeed Cleophas Malala as Kakamega Senator in 2022, has lately been busy showing off his bundles of cash on social media.

On three occasions this past week, Aina has posted images of himself displaying piles of the old generation Sh1000 banknotes, while conveying different messages.

The latest such photo was posted on Monday morning with Aina saying he was heading to church to tithe.

“Tuliamua kutoa tithe ya the whole year,” he wrote.

Three days ago, he claimed his cash was the proceed of a debt.


“Ukae na deni yangu for ten years halafu uniletee leo jioni kwa gunia in old currency (You stay with my debt for a decade and then refund in a sack in old currency notes),” he captioned the photo.

On September 24, Aina also posted bundles of cash under a Facebook post questioning how generous one can be.

Far back in October last year, Aina displayed cash in his car which he claimed was used to bail out Lugari MP Ayub Savula who had been arrested.

So, is this the new ‘Mr Moneybags’ of Kenyan politics? We can only wait and see.