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Is this your son? Check with Railway police!

A five-year-old child is suffering cold nights and mosquito bites at a police station after he was found trespassing on railway tracks.

Brian Amugune, has become a cause for concern at Railway Police Station as the officers say nobody has reported a missing child, three days later.

Amugune was found playing on the railway tracks on Monday evening, a few minutes before commuter trains left the station.

An officer at the station said: “We picked him to save his life but now we are stuck with him here since taking him to an orphanage will give his guardians a hard time tracing him.”

The staff had taken up the responsibility of feeding, clothing and sheltering the child who had since developed a cough.

White shirt

Amugune was found in his school uniform — a white shirt, sky blue shorts, red sweater and grey socks.

The only information on his identity was his name jotted in blue felt pen on the brown cover of his English exercise book.

Railway police boss Adonija Diang’a said: “It is carelessness on the guardians’ part not to leave any diary or contact number we can reach them on in a case like this.”

Though he could not speak clearly, Amugune said his mother’s name was Alice and that his father normally took him to school.

He said he was the only child and that he studied at a school called Mkombozi near City Stadium, which the officers have not been able to spot yet.