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Isaac Mwaura apologises for stealing internet photo

By Sylvania Ambani September 27th, 2019 1 min read

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has been forced to apologise on social media after using a picture belonging to an international media house and claiming that it was his.

Mr Mwaura this week posted a photo of a child living with albinism chatting with other children on his Facebook page.

He claimed that the albino child was him in his younger days.

However, it turned out that the picture belonged to German publication Deutsche Welle and was taken in Zambia.

Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura. PHOTO | FILE

Although the senator tried to defend himself, he was later forced to retract his earlier comments and accept his folly claiming that it was the fault of his social media handlers.

“Many times those who work with us do a terrific job to pass our message out there and people are able to appreciate what we do to make change. We get the credit for it. Yet at times they don’t get it right. I was surprised to wake up in New York, 7 hours behind to get inboxes about a photo that I took while young in 1986,” said Mr Mwaura.

He added: “Yes I was in nursery school and a class prefect in 1987, and this could have inspired my team to use a wrong photo that wasn’t mine to pass the message. Apologies for that. There is always a better way to do a #Tbt My team always does a good job, save for incidences like these.”