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ISIS plans to overrun Kenya, rename it ‘the land of Habasha’

September 15th, 2015 2 min read

Kenya is one of the countries that ISIS plans to have conquered by 2020, according to an ambitious map released by the dreaded terrorist outfit.

The map, published on Monday by UK’s Express, shows that Kenya is among the African countries in targeted for takeover by the terrorist group.

Kenya will be lumped among Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and several other countries in the Horn of Africa and be renamed ‘The Land Of Habasha’.

ISIS, with more than 50,000 fighters and a Sh300 billion war chest, is known for its macabre modus operandi in Syria and Iraq, and partly Egypt where it has triggered the worst exodus of refugees since the World War II.

ISIS plans to take control of the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe, within the next five years


The group’s militants are allowed to rape girls as young as 12, some who are rounded up from villages and sold in open air markets.

Those who resist are usually murdered using gruesome methods such drowning in a locked cage.

Last month, they executed 19 women hostages who would not have sex with fighters – claiming the women had refused to “participate in the practice of sexual jihad”.

Hundreds of men are rounded up and executed in open grounds where locals are summoned to witness.

Last week, the organisation slaughtered more than 2,000 people in an act condemned as a “crime of genocide”.


The Express, reports that ISIS plan is to take control of the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe, within the next five years, to complete its caliphate.

The caliphate – a state governed by Sharia law which ISIS plan to claim – also covers areas from Spain in the west to China in the east.

But the plans are unlikely to come to fruition with the world intensifying the war on ISIS.

Quoting BBC reporter Andrew Hosken, the Express said the plans are impossible to achieve.

He said: “They have 60 nations against them, including the United States and Russia, so one would think that is pretty unlikely.”