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It is unbelievable: Herman Manyora on President Ruto’s warm reception in Raila Odinga’s backyard

By Wangu Kanuri January 16th, 2023 2 min read

Political analyst Herman Manyora has opined that President William Ruto’s warm reception in Luo Nyanza region, Raila Odinga’s backyard was unbelievable.

Saying that the reception was more than the red carpet, Manyora who was speaking on NTV, shared that the fact that the opposition chiefs in that area are ‘kneeling’ before the president was shocking.

“You would not believe people like James Orengo could roll out the red carpet for a man they do not believe won the election. They have had very strong words about the election.

Orengo is a lawyer of no mean repute and he has not minced his words that this election was stolen and the Supreme Court did not deliver a just judgment. Then all of a sudden they turn, which is rather surprising.”

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Nonetheless, in regards to the shift, Manyora says in his opinion, it is either that the Nyanza leaders are playing games and tricks with the President.

“We make you think we are good so that once we attack you are either defenseless, unprepared or they are doing all this because he is the president and it is good to do so and that things can go in the right direction.”

The other possible reason that could have engineered the Head of State’s reception was that ‘Nyanza leaders had been compromised.’

“You cannot move from the position of such great opposition and state categorically that this election was stolen, that I am the one who won the election. You cannot state that categorically and then you move the same day and embrace those you claim did it.”

Over Friday and Saturday, President Ruto strolled over Odinga’s backyard while being welcomed by the region’s leaders. Though Mr Odinga is currently in South Africa, the warm welcome of the Head of State got ignited a debate.

The region has backed up Odinga in his presidential bids since 1997 and though he has lost in all the elections, a big chunk of its residents still believe in him as their leader.

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