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‘It was not fair’ – Kamene Goro backs Betty Kyallo

Radio personality Kamene Goro has come out to defend Betty Kyallo over the harsh treatment that the latter lately been subjected to.

Speaking on her morning show on Kiss FM, Kamene called on Kenyans to be more humane when dealing with celebrities. She said celebrities are not immune to the effects of cyberbullying as many assume is the case. 

“Let’s normalize having some level of humanity. As Kenyans, we look at celebrities and because of their status, we dehumanize them. We forget they have feelings, a soul, and families. The reality of the matter is that there was no video. It was someone who was trying to make some quick cash,” she said.

Kamene went on to point out that Betty is a family woman and deserves to be respected like everyone else seeing as the allegations were fallacious.

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“Everyone tore at Betty Kyallo for something that did not exist. People forget Betty has a family, a daughter, businesses, and a heart. Betty is a human being just like you and I. Imagine if you were in her shoes, with what she had to go through over something that didn’t actually exist.”

The radio presenter said what happened to Betty was not fair and implored social media users to be more prudent.

“You can not even imagine the damage it has done to her reputation and her spirit. They are celebrities, we love them and consume their content, but they do not belong to us,” she said.

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“We should treat people like human beings. Look at Betty as a sweet girl trying to get ahead in life. People on social media should be prudent, it was not fair and I am sorry for what happened,” she added.

Being in the limelight, Kamene has had her fair share of online criticism and cyberbullying that she has had to work through in her years as a media personality.

Having seen the ugly side of being a celebrity, Kamene has constantly urged Kenyans to treat celebrities with the same respect and prudence as any other human being.

In other news, according to a recent report, the radio presenter is set to exit Kiss 100 to be replaced by an equally influential personality.

“Yes, Kamene is leaving, Friday is her last day. The company has already sought out an equally influential host to take over the breakfast show,” a source close to Kamene told Nairobi News.

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