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It’s easy for Kenyan hustlers to succeed in America – Kenyan migrant in USA claims

By Winnie Mabel December 3rd, 2022 2 min read

A Kenyan migrant to the United States of America took to Tik Tock to claim that life in America was better for him than it was in Kenya.

He (@theKenyamerican) said this as he urged his viewers to apply for an American visa to live and work there.

“I have lived in America for 12 years and if someone came and asked me which place between home and America (is better)- life in both places is very different.

But the first thing I can say is that if you are in Kenya and you have a great job and your life is going great, there is no reason for you to come to America.

There are so many things that you would lose like the Kenyan culture of community- it’s very hard to find that here. You might find it, you might find a good support system at home but here in America, it is very hard to find that.

But if you are a hustler, if life has really beat you down, if you have tarmacked for so long without getting a job- life is so hard at home.

You’d go to Uhuru Park and find people with brown envelopes who have circulated their resumes and they are so tired.

One has several degrees but no job! You’d never find such scenarios here in America. It’s very hard for you to not have a job here.

The culture we grew up with in Kenya- I grew up in Nairobi- the schemes we came up to survive life’s hardships prepared me more than enough to succeed here in America.

Here, as long as you don’t come KiKemboi- coming in on a tourist visa and then disappearing in America- it is hard to come here if you don’t have the right papers.

You might succeed but it will tricky because you will have to find those American states that are safe havens, you might work as an undocumented immigrant but if you compare this “Kikemboi” person’s life with someone who is struggling in the mtaas (hoods), I would tell you to come to America if you can use this route.

If you are a hustler and want to succeed in life, this country is for you because of the schemes we came up with, and street smart intelligence we learnt – to prepare you to succeed here in America.

Getting a job here is very easy, if you are hard-working, the system sees you and rewards you as opposed to Kenya where you are lined up for interviews but the job was already given to someone through the back door.

As long as you are disciplined and you know what you want, you will rise here and you will succeed. If you are hustling, try (and come to America) because if you compare life here to the one at home, they are very different,” said the Kenyan American on his YouTube Vlog.