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It’s not me, Duale says over audio clip inciting youth to violence

Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale has dismissed as propaganda voice clip recorded of him allegedly inciting youth from his constituency to violence.

Mr Duale, who is also Garissa Township MP, said the clip is neither audible nor verifiable blamed it on his political detractors, who he say are out to tarnish his name.

“I have never called for violence against anyone but instead all my gathering I have been calling for peaceful coexistence among residents. The clip is just but a propaganda to taint my image,” said the vocal Jubilee coalition lawmaker.

The undated audio recording surfaced online on Thursday as a video with a picture of the majority leader. The voice in the clip is heard telling the youth in the constituency to cause violence targeted at a certain community.

In the clip, which was widely shared on social media, the speaker talks of concern about people from outside constituency registering as voters. He goes on to tell the youth to look for ‘unknown’ people during voter registration.


Speaking to Daily Nation on phone, Mr Duale denied having ever made such utterances.

But former Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim claimed that Mr Duale used violence in 2013 elections to win and that he wants do the same in the next polls.

“It’s sad when an MP is calling violence against citizens. He did it in last elections and he wants to do it again, only that he want to use state machinery this time as the system works for him,” said the former Lagdera MP.

Mr Maalim demanded immediate explanation over the incitement clip saying the Jubilee government should come clean on why they want to use mayhem to ensure they remain in office.

The former lawmaker said he has spoken to Inspector General of Police, head of intelligence and local police bosses to take action against Mr Duale.