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It’s STEAM and STEM for kids at Prini Spa

By Amina Wako January 21st, 2022 2 min read

The government has emphasized the need to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to learners at an early stage.

STEM involves introducing children to new concepts through activities and games.

It helps them live the concepts rather than only reading about them. These concepts can sometimes be real-life problems where they need to find the best possible solutions to overcome them. This, in turn, improves on their creativity, innovativeness, and problem-solving skills.

One person helping infuse this project is Eric Otieno, founder and managing director at Prini Group where he Prini Kids Spa.

“The idea was born after consultation with different stakeholders who are all parents. We wanted to make the environment kid-friendly, and the only way to achieve that was to make it exclusively for kids,” explains Otieno

He adds: “Your kid should never feel he’s been treated like an adult when visiting a barbershop. A kid should feel like a kid, from the environment, the pampering, how they’re talked to and all.”

Prini is doing more than just cutting or making the hair; they provide a space where the children can do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities.

Otieno says kids are easily distracted, and the STEM activities at the SPA are used to keep them busy during those moments.

Most parents already know what their children are interested in regarding STEM programs.

However, the STEM coordinators at the facility still help kids in identifying the best subject for them.

“We have two coordinators working on the STEM project, and they can assist the kids in choosing a program of interest to them,”

Once the kids show interest in a particular subject, parents can pay for them to start formal learning.

“We offer physical and online classes for all the subjects, but we encourage parents to bring their children here so they can learn and interact with other kids. We charge Sh1,000 for one session, and parents can pay per session, per week, month or the whole package depending on what the parent is comfortable with,”

Apart from the STEM program, the group offers the lifestyle section with self-care services such as haircuts, manicures, pedicures and a lot more.

In this section, parents are allowed once per week to have a mother, daughter, or Father, son.

“The days are meant to help children and parents bond as they enjoy self-care day together.”

After the kids are done with self-care, they can still hang around and play with the toys at the facility.