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TBT PHOTO: Look! This is how far Itumbi has come

By NAIRA HABIB January 18th, 2018 1 min read

State House Director of Digital Communications Dennis Itumbi has excited his followers on social media by sharing a picture of his younger self as a journalist.

The picture shared on his Instagram page shows a slender Itumbi in an oversized grey sweater and washed out jeans with a notebook in hand.

“TBT – early journalism days,” Itumbi captioned the photo.

Sample some of the comments that the photo attracted from his followers:

“Ata mimi nitanona wuaaaaah… Itumbi inakukaa at this time Sai unafaa kuitwa Itumbe!” commented iamkamaa.

“These are the days I first met you with a Toyota 110. I was still a student. How time moves,” wrote the_mwesh.


#TBT – Early Journalism days

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“Who is that guy, that can’t be you,” said benni_254.

“Wawawawaaaaah…!! Kumbe pesa ni mzuri,” wrote fochivo.

“Lakini kweli acheni Mungu aitwe Mungu,” said ngugi_ig.

“Jehovah, we hapa ulikuwa umekula salt…wacha God aitwe God yenyewe,” commented wanguipetty.

“Hahaha enyewe Pesa ni Sabuni,” wrote faithmuema.