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Itumbi roasted online for bragging about his Head of State Commendation

State House Secretary of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi has been forced to defend his Head of State Commendation which appears to have angered a section of Kenyans online.

It all started when a netizen going by the name Gabriel Oguda took to Twitter to vent on why the government is yet to honour Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge for retaining his London Marathon title for a record fourth win – with the highest honuor.

For example, he said, Mr Kipchoge is more deserving of a State Commendation than the likes of Githeri man, Blogger Robert Alai, Mr Itumbi and Citizen TV News Anchor Jacque Maribe, who were among the recipients of a state commendation last year.

Although Kipchoge has a Head of State Commendation (HSC) award given to him in 2006, it appears some Kenyans, like Oguda, want him to have the highest award of Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart (EGH).

Itumbi came in quickly to defend himself telling off Mr Oguda for his inaccurate tweet. Furthermore, he advised him to exercise his rights as a Kenyan citizen and nominate Mr Kipchoge for the awards.

“Telling lies requires you get your FACTS right first. Eliud kipchoge holds an OGW and a CBS medal. I am among those who believe he deserves an EGH. By the way as per by law established you can help nominate him to the awards… & yes I hold an HSC. I appreciate the commendation,” replied Itumbi.

His response however only elicited the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter who came in droves to give him a tongue lashing.

“What in the world did githeri man, @RobertAlai your friend @maribe and you @OleItumbi yourself have done to impact people’s lives. u ain’t even ashamed of yourself,” wrote @Nyabutovincent.


“Truth be told Gabriel I wouldn’t want Kipchoge to be given any state commendation by this Jubilee government. Uhuru has destroyed the meaning of those awards by dishing them as favours to his lackeys,” said @okeverenge.

“I’d prefer this remain so, because having the GOAT have the same award as these guys would be great disservice to the legend!” commented @kenchelimo.

“It’s only in Kenya where people who made Kenya great is never recognized,” said @YussufOsman.

The list of recipients angered many who felt that the list contained names of people who have not yet reached the level of getting such an honour.