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Itumbi: How Kibaki’s nephew once duped me with fake State House job

By THOMAS MATIKO September 6th, 2018 1 min read

Secretary of Digital Innovation and Diaspora in the Office of the President Dennis Itumbi has revealed how he was once duped into accepting a fake State House job.

Appearing in the TV program Chipukeezy Show, Itumbi revealed how former KTN journalist Dennis Onsarigo and himself were duped by retired President Mwai Kibaki’s nephew with fake appointment letters.

According to Itumbi, the papers, which appeared genuine to them on face value, claimed to have secured them appointments to the then Presidential Press Service (PPS) after Kibaki won the 2002 elections.

Itumbi narrated that at that time he was a first year student in college and was excited to have secured a lucrative job without any qualifications.


“What most people don’t know is that I actually worked in the Kibaki campaign of 2002. There was a Vijana na Kibaki team but I was in the main Secretariat.

“Sasa kuna jamaa anaitwa Alex Mureithi, he’s late now, and he was a nephew to President. Huyo jamaa ile siku Kibaki alishinda election alituletea barua appointing us to the then PPS with a salary of Sh70,000,” Itumbi recounted.

However, when they got to State House, the officers manning the gate told them the letters they had in their posseion, which bared the NARC letterhead and logo, were fake.

“Ule GSU aliangalia hiyo barua akatingisha kichwa akasema ‘tokeni hapa this does not belong here’. Alex saa hiyo ashachange number, tulikuwa tunamuona tu kwa TV for a whole year. I was with Dennis Onsarigo,” he narrated.