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Itumbi reveals details of midair encounter with Monica Kimani’s father

State House Secretary of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi has recounted his chance meeting with the late Monica Kimani’s father Paul Ngarama.

Itumbi narrated how he sat next to Monica’s father on a flight and they had a long conversation on his daughter’s murder and one of the accused persons, Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe.

In his narration, he revealed how Monica’s father lauded Itumbi for standing with Maribe as she was remanded in prison for a month.

According to Itumbi, the bereaved father would love to meet Maribe’s parents.

Reverend Paul Ngarama, the father of the late Monica Nyawira Kimani, and his wife Miriam Kimani during a requiem service for their daughter at Mount Kenya University Pavillion in Thika on September 27, 2018. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL

“’If you see Maribe’s Mum and Dad, tell them that one day when it is all over we can pray together as parents, maybe we are the people God wants to use to reach to our young people,’” Itumbi quoted Ngarama as saying.

Nairobi News could not verify his claims. According to Itumbi, Monica’s father said he has been healing after losing a daughter he loved.

“Before we alighted we promised to meet when we return to Nairobi. On return, I have not met him because I do not want to be accused of interfering with witnesses,” wrote Itumbi.

Monica’s murder case is still ongoing with Maribe out on bond and her co-accused Jowie Irungu’s bail review case ongoing.