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Itumbi reveals how his pals were allegedly killed by disbanded DCI special unit

By Winnie Mabel October 21st, 2022 3 min read

Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi, one of the major voices in the recent United Democratic Alliance and Kenya Kwanza campaigns for the presidential race took to social media to reveal how he met two Indians who became his friends but were allegedly killed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s disbanded Special Service Unit.

On October 21, Itumbi revealed he first met the Indians, Zaid and Ahmad, who wanted to help in President William Ruto’s presidential campaigns in the recent August 2022 General Election- and went on to create a working relationship with them that resulted in friendship and their tragic demise.

“Asante sana President Ruto for disbanding the DCI elite unit. This was one unit that was literally used to kidnap, assault, maim and kill innocent people.

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They targeted those who supported the election of Ruto as President. Zaid, was such one person. (He was) a good soul, a happy guy who was here to tour Kenya.

When I first met him, he gave me his card and said he had been attracted by our campaign online strategy and offered to support us for free with his skills.

I shared my number and told him not to do anything directly and instead share any ideas that he had with Brian. Brian is a guy who was handling the moving parts of our online strategy.

From then on, I got so much material from Brian at one time together with Ahmad, they had over 1,000 pieces of creative content – much more than we could use.

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They invited me to India, I told them I would visit after elections. They visited Mombasa, Homabay, Mara, Nyama Choma joints and damn they loved our dance joints too.

Their eyes were primarily on enjoying Kenya as much as they could. When they sat down, they produced very appealing content.

We became friends. Sometimes when our team was overwhelmed and we needed a graphic, I sent their way and they paused whatever they were doing and did me a favour.

As usual, they always did something extra. A meme here, a video there, a box quote and much more. ‘Is there anything else we can help with?’  Zaid would always ask.

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We even had a Telegram group, that rarely went silent, with endless ideas. Zaid and Ahmad were just good people who became my friends and in the process connected with some in our team.

Two days, before they returned home, I learnt that they had lost their phones during a night out. I wanted to laugh at them, so I went to a place where we used to meet and even there, they had not been seen.

They could not be reached. Just the other day,  I finally got to know their painful last moments in the hands of people whose only mission was to ensure Ruto does not become President even if it means killing people. In this case, they killed people whose only mistake was to be our friends.

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The evidence is disturbing and overwhelming. Part two loading.” Itumbi wrote.

President William Ruto disbanded the elite squad, saying they were carrying out extra-judicial killings.

“The country was very insecure. The police changed and became killers instead of protectors of ordinary Kenyans. I have ordered the disbandment of a special police unit that was killing Kenyans arbitrarily. We will change this country for the better,” President Ruto said earlier this week.

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