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Itumbi: I’ve spoken to Maribe and she will tell her story

Secretary of Digital Innovation and Diaspora in the Office of the President Dennis Itumbi has revealed that he has spoken to Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe and that she is willing to speak to the police on what she knows regarding the murder of a woman last week in Nairobi’s Kilimani neighbourhood.

Police have been looking for Ms Maribe, the fiancée of Mr Joseph Irungu who is the prime suspect in the killing of 28-year-old businesswoman Monica Kimani.

On Thursday Itumbi bowed to public pressure after users asked him to find the whereabouts of his friend.

“I have spoken to her and she will obviously tell her story to the police. She will tell her story. I have not asked for details, those details belong to detectives I’m sure she will narrate what she knows and is sure about,” he wrote.


Itumbi added that after his conversation with the TV girl he was convinced she will cooperate with the police.

“Having spoken to her, I am convinced she will tell her story of love to the police in detail. For like you and me we all have our stories, some more intense than even hers,” he wrote.

Itumbi went on to detail how Maribe just fell in love with Jowi and the two connected and were still learning each other.

“Jacque, in my view is the reflection of a girl next door, who is in love. What perfection and satisfaction to feel like you are a part of another being. To have inner wings that you flap in awesomeness because your emotions are on a high only described by a combination of adjectives. What is wrong with love? Nothing. Loving someone and offering your entire life, body and spirit to them unconditionally, is the highest form of human sacrifice,” he wrote.