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Itumbi trolled for seeking Maribe’s attention online

State House Secretary of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi has become the butt of online jokes for his unreserved display of affection for TV anchor Jacque Maribe.

Itumbi unwittingly sparked the debate over Maribe’s love life on Saturday when he updated his Facebook profile photo with a picture of TV anchor.

Itumbi made the update just moments after Member of Parliament for Gatundiu South, Moses Kuria, posted several photos of himself and Maribe shortly before they boarded a chopper to attend the wedding of Samburu West MP, Naisula Lesuuda, in Samburu County.


Itumbi also posted the same picture of Maribe at the wedding on Twitter, which he sentimentally captioned:

“Jacque Maribe, looking all good as she attends former colleague Hon. Naisula ‘s wedding in Samburu.”

Itumbi and Maribe go a long way back, although the TV in presently engaged to Joseph Irungu aka Jowie, with whom she is facing murder charges over the macabre killing of Nairobi businesswoman Monica Kimani.


Regardless, Itumbi has steadfastly stood by Maribe after she was arrested and charged in court.

Other than attending court sessions, Itumbi is on record for penning an emotional letter to the TV anchor’s four-year-old son while Maribe was being held in police custody.

But it is the posts by Itumbi and Kuria, that have seen the online community trolling the State House Secretary Communications man for publicly seeking Maribe’s attention.


“So, now Itumbi is single again even after kuandika poem?” commented one Duncan Ndung’u.

“Hii mambo haitafanya Itumbi apate depression? Yenyewe mwanume ni mfuko sio Twitter!” wrote Kenyan Macharia while Nnimoh Pauline Mose quipped “Wacha kukaribia Jackie hivyo…. You are making Deno jealous…”

“A man who does not express his heart to a lady will fetch water on her wedding day, wewe naona uta fetch kuni, water na u help ku pitch tent,” Field Marshall Newton Mwaura said.

Ernest Muriu Gakanga commented: “Utatolewa nyama kwa mdomo.”