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‘I’ve let you go!’ Amos Rono to Bomet bride, Nelly, after last-minute wedding cancellation

Amos Rono, the would-be groom whose church wedding was abruptly cancelled on December 9 in Kapsoiyo, Bomet County, has broken his silence on the unexpected turn of events.

Speaking to journalists on December 11, Rono revealed that Nelly Chekoech had asked him multiple times before they tied the knot if he would still marry her, indicating uncertainty about her commitment.

“I have left her, and I hope that she does well in life or looks for another husband. I forgive her, and in the instance that she says she wants to reconcile… I have left her with a clean heart,” Rono asserted.

Expressing gratitude toward Nelly’s father for his role in the wedding planning, Rono clarified that the obstacle arose from the bride’s side and not due to any issues with her family, relatives, or the church.

“I don’t have a problem with her parents, don’t have a problem with her relatives, and don’t have a problem with the church. I just wish her success. I’ve released you with a good heart; I’ve let you go with clean hands,” he added.

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In a separate statement, Nelly Chepkoech addressed the press, denying that she had cancelled the wedding.

She claimed that the presiding reverend informed them about delays in obtaining crucial documents, leading to a suggestion of postponement.

“I am 23 years old. It was supposed to be my wedding today, but yesterday (December 8) we were told the wedding could not go on as there were delays in some letters. We were waiting for the day like never before. I am at home with my parents and other people,” said Nelly.

She urged the public to refrain from casting judgment without knowing the full story and clarified that the wedding was not canceled but postponed. Nelly stated that the delay would allow her time to address some matters with the groom, Amos.

“I have not run away. Everyone was in tears, but some people are hurt. We were told the wedding had been postponed. We had planned the wedding since March this year. The reverend said we wait for the day. I am ready for the day that will be set,” she explained.

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