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Ivy Chelimo defends her boss, Riggy G, on Twitter

Content creator Ivy Chelimo who became an online sensation after coining the nickname Riggy G has defended her boss Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua in an online tussle.

Chelimo was not particularly pleased by the ‘attack’ on her boss by a Twitter user who shared that the photos DP Gachagua posted on his arrival to the office at 5:00 am were similar.

The user shared that nothing had changed on the second-in-command table despite being in the office by 5:00 am.

In defense of her boss, Ivy tweeted, “At first glance, you can see the differences and the chief of staff definitely has to give daily briefings. So your point exactly?”

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DP Gachagua, on Monday and Tuesday, shared photos of himself getting into his office and even shared that we have a nation to build, noting that it was gratifying to see tens of Kenyans up as early as 5 am as he headed to work.

Last year, Chelimo was fortunate enough to get a job even before she graduated. DP Gachagua asked one of his sons to track her after coming up with the Riggy G monicker. She would then be offered the opportunity to join his communication team.

In a previous interview, she shared that she wanted the youth to connect with the Deputy Presidential debate coming up with the name Riggy G.

“I wanted the younger population to connect with what was going on during the debates. I wanted them to be engaged and participate in the discourse and to not be detached from the goings-on of the day.”

During his meeting with Chelimo, DP Gachagua said that his new nickname used by Kenya’s youth would open up his office to the younger generation.

“It was not a bad name…it sounds melodious. The youth have taken to the name and it is good they are connecting with the country’s leadership in their way,” he said.

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