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Jackie Matubia addresses co-parenting with ex-lover Blessing Lung’aho

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 15th, 2023 2 min read

Actress Jackie Matubia recently engaged with her fans during a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories.

One of the questions posed by a fan touched on her approach to co-parenting with her two baby daddies.

“Will you allow Baba Zendaya to be in his daughter’s life? Just like Baba Zari?”

This question referred to Blessing Lung’aho, the father of Matubia’s youngest child, Zendaya, and compared him to the father of her first daughter, Zari.

Jackie responded to the query with a thoughtful perspective, saying:

“First of all, you give a chance to interested fathers, like the first thing, is if the father is interested in the child first. Well, I think I have answered your question.”

Another fan inquired about the involvement of Zendaya’s father in raising their child.

Jackie indirectly responded to this question by playing Reuben Kigame’s ‘Bwana Huniachi,’ song which translates to “The Lord will not leave me.”

Another fan asked about Matubia’s status as a single mother of two.

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Jackie acknowledged her role as a single mother and her primary focus on her children’s well-being.

“I am good, my kids are good, that’s all that matters for me, and I haven’t reached that point when it comes to my healing and moving on processes. I am where I want to be, focusing on my kids’ healing process.”

The actress’s relationship with Blessing Lung’aho, ended earlier this year, but Matubia officially confirmed parting ways in July.

Her recent social media posts suggest it might not have been an entirely amicable separation.

In a series of Instagram Stories, she revealed that she is now a proud single mother of two.

The actress, who had earlier indicated that she was yet to meet her Mr Right, addressed the ongoing rumours about her relationship status with Lung’aho.

“I’ve already met Mr. Player, Mr. Stupid, Mr. Idiot, Mr. Psycho, Mr. Cheap, Mr. Lazy, Mr. User, Mr. Know It All, Mr. Control Freak, and Mr. Stalker, Where the hell is Mr. Right?” implying that she has yet to find the perfect partner.

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