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Jackie Matubia: Kenyan women love toxic men!

Actress Jackie Matubia says her upcoming web series telenovela ‘Toxic’ was inspired by Kenyan women’s desire and love for toxic men.

The series, written by the late actor Charles Ouda, is set to premiere on Matubia’s YouTube channel on the 17th of this month.

“The digital world is the new world. We are no longer stuck in the mainstream, we have the audience and the voice, the platform and the command and so we are using it,” Matubia observes.

Matubia, who is the executive producer of the telenovela, will also star alongside Mike Saruni as the two protagonists.

“Mike Saruni portrays this sweet, handsome, addictive man. You know it’s a Kenyan thing, Kenyan women love, we know we love toxic men who are so handsome and charming. When Charlie was writing this show, that’s what we had in mind and Mike Saruni just fit so perfectly and that’s why we cast him,” Matubia reveals.

On Ouda’s contribution to the show, Matubia says she was a bit sceptical about going ahead with the project after his death in February this year.

“This was the project we were working on before his death, I am proud to have continued this dream of ours by myself. At first I was so confused, wondering ‘how am I going to do this’, but I am glad I kept going. It was all about going the extra mile because I know if Charlie were here he would be pushing me to keep going,” she adds.

Ouda and Matubia’s friendship had become inseparable over the year and a half before his death.