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Jackie Vike a.k.a Awinjah: I would never date a fellow celebrity

Jackie ‘Awinjah’ Vike is an actress and content creator who burst into the limelight as one of the main casts of the once-popular TV comedy, Papa Shirandula.

By the way, Vike is my real name. It is not an English name as many presume. It is a Maragoli word meaning ‘small’.

I think of myself as a random content creator. If an idea strikes, I shoot the video immediately.

My journey in content creation didn’t start on TV, I began as a stage performer. I did a lot of travelling theatre, going to different schools to dramatise set books.

From there I moved to stage plays with Heartstrings Entertainment, then the opportunity to move to TV presented itself and I took it.

If it were up to my mother, I would have been an air hostess.

Jackie Vike a.k.a Awinja
Jackie Vike a.k.a Awinja. PHOTO| POOL

I didn’t want to flaunt my new whip (Jeep), but nilichochwa (I was incited). It’s my second car. I had stayed with my first car for 10 years.
If I am to date someone who is in the creative industry, it has to be one who is behind the cameras.

Yes, I have been hit on by fellow celebrities but I have never dated one. It’s just not my thing. Napenda watu wanakaa vile wanataka (I like people living the way they want).

I wouldn’t go public with my relationship. I believe in keeping things private, but not a secret. I don’t have a preference for men, because I think preferences are all based on fantasy. I lean more towards someone’s character.

And talking of character, I have been subjected to character development, but I too have served the same tea.

Yes! The guy cheated on me. When I found out, he was so remorseful. He even knelt down and cried while apologising. Then I found myself giving him another chance. What a mistake.

Going through your partner’s phone is something I highly encourage women to refrain from. Trust me, you will go berserk. If we are dating, you would rather save my number by my name.

Of the many values I hold, respect is key.

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