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Jacque Maribe follows Dennis Itumbi in court – VIDEO

July 4th, 2019 1 min read

Journalist Jacque Maribe was in court on Thursday to show solidarity with her beleaguered friend Dennis Itumbi.

Itumbi was arraigned Thursday and to be charged over the fake letter that claimed there was a plot to assassinate the Deputy President William Ruto.

Mr Itumbi was arrested Wednesday while having lunch in Nairobi and will be charged with publishing alarming information.

But some sources at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said it is likely that detectives will ask to detain Mr Itumbi for two weeks in order to complete the probe.

He is accused of posting in a WhatsApp group by the name Tanga Tanga Movement the letter alleging a plot to assassinate Mr Ruto.

Police are investigating the offence of making a false document without authority.

Itumbi is being represented by lawyer Katwa Kigen.



Preliminary investigations on the letter, which purported that four Cabinet secretaries had met to plan about assassinating the DP, found that not only was it false, but was also written by people close to the DP.

Mr Itumbi, an ally of Dr Ruto, works at the DP’s office, however, he is the State House digital director under the communications department.

In Maribe attending Itumbi’s court case, it was a case of reversed roles. Itumbi has been a common figure in Maribe’s case where she is accused of murder alongside her fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Joe Jowie. The two are accused of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani in 2018.

Last year, Itumbi was a key figure in the days of Maribe’s arrest until she was released on bail.